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Assignment Experience Examples

Alan Walker has delivered results for insurers in six key areas:

Experience Examples - Strategy / Digital Strategy / Customer Experience

Designing and delivering strategies to improve customer experiences, increase growth, and enhance efficiency

US Insurer - Longer Term Implications of Covid-19 / Coronavirus

Advised this P&C Insurer on the potential longer-term implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on insurers' business strategies and business models. Areas considered included products and services, distribution and servicing channels (including claims), the workforce (including talent acquisition and retention), supply chains, and internal (budgeting) priorities.

Top 3 US Mutual Insurer - Digital Strategy

Helped senior executives to develop, and gain buy-in, for the insurer's Digital vision, design key customer journeys, establish the people, process and technology capabilities required, design the target operating model and governance mechanisms, and agree the five-year roadmap for delivery. The strategy was accepted and is now delivering powerful results.

US P&C Insurer - Future State Vision

For a direct writer of insurance, based in California, helped develop a future state vision for a 'next generation' direct writer. The transformation vision included the required processes, technology, and organizational factors for all key elements of the value chain. The vision was subsequently developed into an implementation program and turned into reality.

US Life Company - Growth Strategy, Distribution

For this major United States mutual life company, directed an assignment to develop a strategy and business plan for worksite marketing (the sale of financial services and other products in the workplace). The business plan was accepted and subsequently implemented.

US Insurer - Growth Strategy, Joint Venture

Led an assignment to analyse the potential fit of a number of organizations with this United States mutual life assurer, which was considering a joint venture partnership for a new distribution channel. A shortlist of candidates was created, and discussions commenced.

Top 3 US Mutual Insurer - Enterprise CRM Strategy

Helped senior executives to develop, and gain buy-in, for the insurer's enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) vision, including establishing the people, process and technology capabilities required, and agreeing the roadmap for delivery. The roadmap is now being implemented.

Major US Mutual - CRM Strategy

For one of the United States's premier direct writers of financial services, developed a vision for using leading edge Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes and supporting technologies to maintain its lead in the sector. The company successfully implemented the recommendations made.

Major UK Life and Pensions group - Digital Strategy

Helped senior executives to assess the organization's Digital appetite and to create a Digital Transformation strategy and roadmap addressing both growth and cost reduction objectives. The strategy was implemented, delivering concrete improvements.

Major UK Insurer - Digital Strategy, Technology Strategy

Helped the insurer to understand the likely impact of business and technology megatrends, including the impact of Digital, on its business, to understand how its business strategy might evolve in response to the trends, and to create a supporting technology transformation strategy. The agreed strategy was then implemented over several years.

Major Consultancy - End-to-End Customer Experience and Customer Journeys

Designed and illustrated innovative future-state end-to-end customer experiences and customer journeys for the insurance industry. My role included project managing the process, research on evolving customer expectations, developing design principles for the new customer experience, designing (and gaining buy-in to) the new customer journeys, and illustrating the future state by means of a short video. The designs were accepted by the client and rolled out in a major marketing campaign.

Major European Financial Services Group - Commercial Lines Strategy

Helped the business to develop its strategy to expand its market share of the Commercial Insurance market. The assignment examined how changes to products, channels and propositions could achieve the desired increases, and developed a strategy to achieve the expansion. The strategy was then put into practice, with the business's growth objectives being achieved.

Commercial P&C Insurer - Growth Strategy

Worked with the UK subsidiary of an overseas insurer to find ways to increase its share of the UK general insurance (P&C) market. The assignment involved significant primary research into the requirements of the segments being targeted, and led to the creation of a new strategy approved by the parent company and subsequently implemented.

US P&C Start-up - Trusted Advisor

For a new Personal Lines P&C Insurer, writing business directly with clients without the use of intermediaries, advised the CEO on a range of start-up issues. The combination of the CEO's expertise and my practical experience helped the business to a successful launch.

Experience Examples - Operations / Operating Model / Reengineering / Performance Management

Designing and delivering new operating models, structures and processes to improve customer experiences, increase growth, and enhance efficiency

Major US Life Company - Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation

Led the design and implementation of a Center of Excellence for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The work included operating model design, role descriptions, the governance RACI and the change management requirements. Went on to help define the roadmap for RPA and AI over the coming months and to help get the Center of Excellence up and running.

Major US Life Company - Artificial Intelligence

Helped the insurer to launch its enterprise-wide Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative. Work initially involved educating client management about AI, exposing them to existing Insurance AI use cases, discussing the potential, and challenges, of AI in Insurance, and developing a long list of potential use cases specific to that client. Went on to help them refine and clarify their potential use cases and down-selecting to a small number of use cases to take forward to Proofs of Concept. The initiative is ongoing.

US Life Company - Post Merger Integration

Advised one life company which was acquiring another, but which also planned additional acquisitions in the future. Helped provide a strategy for the immediate integration while also designing an operating model, set of processes and approach to technology that would accommodate future acquisitions. A key focus area was how to re-engineer and automate processes to increase efficiency, reduce cost and reduce operational risk, whilst providing flexibility to meet future needs not yet known.

P&C Insurer - Claims, Operating Model, Process Re-engineering

For a major UK insurer, directed an assignment to examine its claims processes. The assignment analyzed the current processes and operating model, considered the key outcomes to be achieved, and recommended a new operating model together with a set of new, streamlined processes. The recommendations were subsequently implemented.

P&C Insurer - Claims Re-Engineering

For this major UK insurer, directed an assignment to examine its processes for the collection of recoveries. The assignment analysed the current operating model, considered alternatives including outsourcing and offshoring, and recommended a revised model. The new model was then implemented, achieving the results expected.

European Insurer - Target Operating Model

Helped the UK Commercial Insurance subsidiary of a European insurance group to develop and implement a new Target Operating Model (TOM) in support of its expansion strategy. The new model provided the focus needed to drive, and cope with, significant growth.

P&C Insurer - Claims, Organization Design, Target Operating Model

Worked closely with the Claims Director of the UK subsidiary of a major European insurer to redesign the Claims organization. The new organization structure streamlined responsibilities and made accountabilities clearer.

Insurer - Enterprise-wide Process Re-engineering

For a listed insurer, directed an assignment to spot re-engineering opportunities in its end-to-end processes, developing value propositions for delivering multiple millions of recurring savings and additional revenues. Most of the recommendations were adopted, and the targeted revenue increases and savings were realized.

Life Insurer - Performance Measures, Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard

Helped the UK division of this major life assurer to define its business objectives and cascade them down to individual managers, using Kaplan and Norton's balanced scorecard techniques. Once implemented, this increased focus on the measures that mattered, and made accountabilities clear.

UK Insurer - Performance Measures, Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard

Helped the new UK subsidiary of this European financial services company to develop a boardroom balanced scorecard and implement a closed loop performance management process. The new approach streamlined the measures in use, focused executives on those that were most important, and ensured that performance was rewarded appropriately.

Experience Examples - Program Management

Designing, delivering and reviewing programs and projects that improve customer experiences, increase growth, and enhance efficiency

Major UK Insurer - Program Management, Regulatory Compliance

Directed a multi-faceted assignment for this major insurance company in trouble with its regulator. The two-year program of work included fixing the immediate problems, completely redesigning and implementing new company-wide compliance processes and the required technology enablers, and project managing the identification and compensation of disadvantaged customers. The program was a success and the client 'signed off' by the regulator.

Commercial Insurance - Program Planning, Program Management

On behalf of the CEO, directed a program to implement a revised distribution strategy for the UK subsidiary of an overseas insurer. The assignment included program planning, program staffing, program governance, program direction and the running of the program management office for the design and implementation of a new operating model, a new organisation structure, and new products. The program delivered successfully.

Two Major Life Companies - Program Management, Regulatory Compliance

Managed a program to retrain and re-certify the entire sales force of each of two life companies within 30 days. Responsibilities included developing the approach, overseeing the design of compliant sales processes, managing people and venues across the UK, and implementing the plan. Each sales force was back at work within the 30 day target.

Diverse Financial Services Group - Program Management, Program Review

Provided program oversight to the CEO of a diverse financial services group undertaking a large-scale transformation program. Areas covered included a regular review of progress against expectations, analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of key client executives and program members, and advice on the recruitment specification for a new Transformation Director. The program remained on track.

Major Global Insurer - Program Management, PMO

Advised the UK subsidiary of one of the world's biggest financial services companies on how to design, structure, plan and implement major programs, including the tools and techniques to be used and the circumstances in which they are appropriate. The recommendations were accepted and implemented.

Major Insurer - Program Review

Reviewed, at regular intervals, a program to replace core insurance systems and migrate all policies to the new system. Highlighted unseen risks and issues, and helped the insurer to avoid and/or mitigate the consequences.

UK P&C Insurer - Program Review

Reviewed an in-flight program at a UK general insurer to establish why, three years in, it was failing. Established root causes, advised on actions, then directed remediation activities which pulled the program back on course.

Major UK Bank - Program Management

For this major UK bank, directed a program to migrate several thousand processes and procedures to a new content management platform. The program delivered to both time and budget.

Major UK Bank - Program Advice

As a member of the Supplier Board for the bank's internet banking integration program, provided advice on ways that the program's management could be improved. My advice helped improve the performance, and contribute to the success, of the overall program.

Experience Examples - Change Management

Designing, delivering and reviewing change management activities supporting improved customer experiences, increased growth, and enhanced efficiency

Major US Insurer - Organizational Change Management Review

Led a review of the existing Organizational Change Management (OCM) function, its people and its associated methods, processes and toolsets, and benchmarked them against leading practices across seven key dimensions. The recommendations are now being implemented, improving the performance of the function materially.

Major Canadian Insurer

Led the organizational change management around a core platform transformation. Deliverables included branch readiness assessments, roadshow design and management, discovery session design and management, written communications, training program development, and train-the-trainer roll-out. The roll-out was subsequently given high satisfaction scores by all stakeholders.

Experience Examples - Outsourcing

Advising on the use of outsourcing to improve customer experiences, increase growth, and enhance efficiency

Life and Pensions Business Process Outsourcer - Growth Strategy, Market Entry

Advised a major global technology and outsourcing company on the potential and challenges within the UK Insurance Business Process outsourcing market. Subsequently helped them to develop their business plan for market entry and to advise on their first bids into this new market.

Life and Pensions Outsourcer - Turnaround / Restructuring

Served as a Director of this major Financial Services business process outsourcing business, providing strategic and tactical advice as well as leading the creation of wide-ranging BPO propositions for potential clients. Co-led the turnaround of the business, initially stopping the losses and then building a foundation for future profitability.

Experience Examples - Technology Exploitation

Advising on the use of technology to improve customer experiences, increase growth, and enhance efficiency

Commercial Insurance - IT Architecture

Directed an assignment to create a new IT architecture for the commercial insurance arm of a diverse financial services group, to prioritize the changes required, and to develop a transformation program for implementing the new model. The new architecture was implemented, significantly enhancing the financial performance of the insurer.

UK P&C Insurer - Technology Strategy

Helped one of the UK's largest general (P&C) insurers to define its requirements for its core new technology platform and use them to run a successful series of software selection exercises.

Commercial Lines P&C Insurer - Software Selection

Ran software selection exercises for a Commercial Lines P&C insurer wishing to acquire both a new Broker/Agency Management System and a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This involved establishing the key user requirements and non-functional requirements, running the proposal processes, and supporting contracting with the successful candidates.

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